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Turning data into action: Utilize EHR data to optimize operations

Accurate and comprehensive data and reporting capabilities are key to helping home health and hospice organizations improve operational efficiencies, provide actionable insights and identify patterns — ultimately allowing providers to drive strategic decision-making and help improve patient outcomes.

In this blog, we explore ways to use data for better operations and better patient care.

4 ways data can benefit home health and hospice operations

Data can optimize resource allocation: Using analytics, organizations can better understand patient geographical distribution and services needed. With this information, providers can optimize staffing levels, schedule visits efficiently, and allocate resources effectively.

By aligning resources with demand, care can be delivered in a timely manner — while minimizing overtime costs and maximizing productivity of their staff.

“Analytics have huge potential. The reports that we use are allowing us to strategically make our next moves.”

–Angela Richards, Director of Informatics, Androscoggin Home Health + Hospice

Data can enhance operational efficiencies: Analytics can help organizations track and measure critical performance indicators, such as patient outcomes, service utilization and staff/resource allocation. It can also provide a comprehensive view of revenue, expenses, and profitability.

This approach allows them to identify trends and patterns, and potential ways to reduce costs and/or improve revenue (such as optimizing staffing levels, reducing administrative expenses and burdens through the use of technology, or streamlining operations). Leveraging these KPIs and financial metrics can help ensure the agency’s long-term stability and growth.

“Analytics have been a driver for our team — from initial referral to final claim. It’s allowed the group to come to the table through the continuum and see where they’ve impacted that data and how they can be excited to make change.”

–Deborah Wesley, RN, BN, MSN, MHA, CEO, and Vice President of Clinical Services, Addison County Home Health & Hospice

Data can uncover growth opportunities: Understanding competition, referral sources, types of patients that bring the most reimbursement, types of patients you have the staffing levels to utilize, and what payors are quickest and pay the most is key to driving business growth.

“The biggest difference from where we were to where we are now is that we have insight into exactly how we’re doing.”

–Paul Pisano, MSPT, GCS, COS-C, CEO, Interim Healthcare of Hartford County

Data can improve reimbursements: By analyzing financial data, providers can identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement in their claims processing and reimbursement processes — as well as examine how to reduce denials and accelerate reimbursement payments.

How can data improve patient care?

With the right analytics tools, data can help improve patient outcomes and help in efforts to reduce unnecessary rehospitalizations by:

  • Analyzing clinical data, episode data and data trends: This can help organizations provide more personalized care plans, predict disease progression and identify early warning signs to keep patients out of the hospital.
  • Being predictive and proactive in care delivery on an individual basis: Optimizing care delivery can better suit the needs of their patients.
  • Analyzing data related to patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and adherence to care plans: Organizations can identify areas for improvement and implement processes to enhance the overall quality of care.

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Liz Silva

With over a decade of valuable experience in the healthcare industry, Liz is a seasoned professional who specializes in working closely with home health and hospice organizations. Her expertise lies in determining strategic needs and seamlessly integrating and utilizing data for informed decision-making. Liz’s proficiency in product management enables her to design user-friendly and quality-driven solutions that empower clients to analyze and comprehend results effortlessly.

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