With access to real-time data, across multiple facilities and customized reports, Nathan Oxnam, COO at Advanced Health Care, says MatrixCare MyAnalytics has been a game-changer. As such, they’ve been able to seamlessly shift to PDPM, manage staffing levels, and have more accurate forecasting.


During his sixteen years with Advanced Health Care (AHC) Nathan Oxnam says he’s been “in the trenches.” He says, “I’m always deep into data and analytics—especially when having to deal with payment and reimbursement changes.” Because of this, he spends a lot of time forecasting. With MatrixCare’s MyAnalytics, he has the flexibility to gather relevant data. As a result, he is able to leverage this data to create customize reports and share key findings with leaders to make informed decisions.

Real-time data supports the shift

Since its founding, Advanced Health Care has shifted models remarkably well. So, Oxnam describes transitioning from “traditional” long-term care space to a focus on short-term transitional care. Typically, “products that are meant for our industry don’t align with our needs.” He goes on to say, “MyAnalytics is a good option for me. Because I can use it to gather data and create my own reports.” In addition, Oxnam says he gathers data and pastes it into spreadsheets that allow him to drill down differently than standard industry reports.” And, having those unique insights is a competitive advantage.


  • Compiling data from multiple facilities into one report was difficult and time-consuming.
  • Forecasting revenue was challenging without the ability to easily retrieve necessary data.
  • Struggling with having unique data needs that were different from industry standards.


  • MatrixCare MyAnalytics


  • Access to multi-facility data all in one place.
  • Forecasting data is updated daily to support business decisions.
  • Retrieving data is quick, with the ability to create customized reports.