In this installment of the Post-Acute POV podcast, Rob Stoltz, our host and senior business development director, is joined by Drew Bringhurst, chief commercial officer at Hospice Dynamix, and Tonya Hall, regional vice president of operations at Sage Family of Companies. Together, they discuss the best ways to utilize data to improve outcomes, optimize revenue and streamline operations in home-based care.

Throughout their discussion, the trio explores how the proactive use of data can improve reimbursement and strategic planning. Tune in for real-life examples of transforming business operations and culture through data insights, addressing the importance of proper documentation and the proactive adoption of analytics in business development. Listen to their conversation.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [00:35 – 05:14]: Rob introduces the episode’s topic: How Hospice Dynamix and Sage Family of Companies take advantage of data to streamline their organizations’ practice.
  2. [05:14 – 09:54]: Drew introduces himself and shares how Hospice Dynamix integrates with EHR and EMR systems to support their three pillars of utility: financial, regulatory, and business development.
  3. [10:25 – 15:51]: Tonya provides details on her background before discussing the importance of being proactive when it comes to data that can benefit your organization with reimbursement and strategic planning.
  4. [16:17 – 17:42]: Drew details how technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and language processing can assist with decision making and compliance in hospice care.
  5. [17:42 – 23:17]: The trio highlights real-life examples of applying learnings from data to shift not only the operations of a business, but also the organization’s culture.
  6. [24:38 – 26:39]: Drew details the ways improper or incomplete documentation can hurt home-based care organizations and how technology can help mitigate risk.
  7. [26:39 – 29:36]: Tonya explains how her business development team adopted analytics to improve their strategic plans proactively instead of retroactively.
  8. [30:01 – 33:46]: Rob concludes the conversation with Drew and Tonya by touching on how access to real-time data can improve relationships with referral sources.



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