MatrixCare offers long-term, post-acute care that keeps you connected.
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Post-acute EHR software built on real data

For 30 years, we’ve helped care providers achieve better outcomes. And in today’s changing industry, that expertise matters even more. We’re proud to be the country’s largest post-acute care technology provider, and we’re equally proud to be the only electronic health record (EHR) provider in our industry to focus on the entire continuum of care.

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The power of visibility.

Introducing a new interactive EHR platform that provides a complete view of individuals as they move across care settings. Now every member of the care team can coordinate and make informed decisions in real-time to deliver what people need, when they need it. Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, CareCommunity is secure, portable, and accessible from any smartphone, computer, or tablet. It’s a must-have for active care management and allows everyone—from doctors and pharmacists to patients and family members—to coordinate care through a single access point.

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How could seamless systems help you?

Facility-based care settings and home care organizations choose MatrixCare solutions to improve care throughout each individual’s healthcare journey. See how our full-spectrum EHR solution can drive results for you in today’s value-based environment.