3 Ways adult day care software brings value

May 20, 2022
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Found as standalone or located within nursing facilities, Senior Living Centers, Retirement Communities, places of faith, hospitals, or even schools—adult day care dates back to the 1940s as a service within psychiatric hospitals to help those following release from mental institutions.1 Over the years, adult day care has become a popular, cost-effective amenity for the elderly and a resource for primary caregivers, often family members, to allow them to continue to work during the day.

Adult day services offer many benefits including providing a safe place to go during the day for socialization and medical assistance and offering caregivers the opportunity to continue to work during the day. These centers also help with chronic disease management and monitoring diagnoses. Some have speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists on staff to assist with rehab and restorative needs. For those that provide specialized dementia care, the benefits are significant with structured meaningful activities, secure areas, and specially trained staff.

It’s clear that adult day care centers have many benefits for both those who need it and their caregivers, but how can technology streamline operations and make it more efficient for those providing care? Here are three ways adult day care software brings value:

Adult day care software provides clinical information and a clinical record

Residents may not live in these centers full time, but tracking changes in condition is still critical to providing thorough care during the day. The ability to capture clinical information that integrates into a clinical record streamlines care and helps ensure changes in condition never go missed.

Adult day care software provides peace of mind

Being a caregiver can be a stressful time, and leaving loved ones in an adult day center can add to that stress. When software can provide photos and care updates throughout the day, caregivers have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in good hands and are being provided care they can trust.

Adult day care software tracks attendance

When technology can assist with tasks like census, it helps to ease the administrative burden on staff—allowing them to put more focus on resident care.

Adult day care is a valuable service, no matter if you’re standalone or any other kind of post-acute facility. But without the right technology, you could be missing out on streamlined operations and better care for your residents.

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