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4 Ways technology can make you a more attractive healthcare partner

Being an attractive healthcare partner means more than just taking care of patients. Referral sources today expect providers to have interoperability capabilities, use electronic systems to manage referrals, and communicate in real time. Is your technology helping to make you a good partner?

Here are four ways your digital tools should be making you stand out to referral sources and helping to make you a more attractive business partner:

Post-acute providers should make it easy for referral sources to transition care to their organization. Securely accessing data is easy with interoperability. Whether providers are using their EHR or external care management companies like naviHealth or CarePort, getting data to move seamlessly with the journey of care is key to being an attractive partner and simplifying the role of referral sources. The right technology can make that a smooth process. 

Post-acute providers should keep partners engaged throughout the referral process. The referral process for home health can easily be described as a black hole. Patients get referred and the provider is left with unanswered questions due to a manual approach to collaboration. With direct secure messaging, organizations can securely and bi-directionally communicate with referral partners in real time. This means referral sources can easily get updates on patient status and they can also send patient data using a seamless process.

Post-acute providers should communicate their value proposition to referral partners. The best way for providers to share their value is through documented outcomes. Proving efficiency and decreased rehospitalization rates is critical and the right technology can provide the data to support that.

Post-acute providers should identify specific programs that differentiate their organization. Can your organization engage patients and family members effectively? Can referral partners be a part of the ongoing dialogue throughout the care journey? Can other partners like DME also be a part of these ongoing conversations? The right digital tools can be a differentiator for organizations who want to stand out to referral sources—identifying these tools and making partners aware of how it brings value to their patients and organization will help your business experience growth.

Technology can be a game changer when chosen and implemented in meaningful ways. Having the digital tools to succeed is only part of the equation. Organizations must communicate those capabilities to potential partners to achieve long-term success.

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Rob Stoltz

Rob Stoltz, Sr Dir, Business Development Home and Hospice. A long time veteran in the home-based healthcare IT industry with deep experience in EMRs, care transitions, patient engagement, predictive analytics and interoperability. Most recently, Rob has been focused on technology partnerships leveraging interoperability to benefit all stakeholders involved with patient care while enhancing provider efficiency through effective workflows.

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