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6 benefits of a resource management solution

With the staffing headwinds continuing to face many home health and hospice organizations, technology efficiencies are critical for business stability and growth.

The shift to value-based care has organizations looking for more patient-centered tools to face the challenges of VBP and high rehospitalization rates. Medalogix is a company dedicated to empowering individualized patient care with innovative data-driven solutions and we are excited to be a partner of Medalogix Pulse. Their Pulse product is a revolutionary visit-by-visit resource management solution that uses machine learning to inform the right care at the right time. Here’s how it can benefit your organization:

  1. Delivering utilization management
    Pulse is a revolutionary home health visit-by-visit resource management solution that uses machine learning to inform timely, relevant care.
  2. Allocating the right resources at the right times
    Provide care to the right patients, at the right time, so you can optimize outcomes while minimizing the utilization of services.
  3. Putting the data to work
    By bringing information to the forefront, decision-making is faster and more informed. This results in resources being accurately deployed in every step of the patient journey.
  4. Providing data-driven insights
    Pulse is an EHR companion that consolidates and analyzes patient data and provides data-driven insights to support end-of-episode decision-making.
  1. Utilizing data science
    It uses data science to indicate the likelihood a hospitalization will occur within 14 days by tapping into more than 11 million home health visits from a historical data set, assessment data, machine learning, and more.
  1. Bringing visibility to the entire patient journey
    Pulse’s data-driven analytics system utilizes over 300 billion calculations to build patient-centered, individualized recommendations — allowing your team to focus on individual care versus protocol care.

With Pulse, organizations can streamline care coordination with ease, gain insight into hospitalization risk and put statistical analyses to work — all through data science and machine learning. These innovative efficiencies are the answer many providers are seeking as they face ongoing staffing struggles.

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Rob Stoltz

Rob Stoltz, Sr Dir, Business Development Home and Hospice. A long time veteran in the home-based healthcare IT industry with deep experience in EMRs, care transitions, patient engagement, predictive analytics and interoperability. Most recently, Rob has been focused on technology partnerships leveraging interoperability to benefit all stakeholders involved with patient care while enhancing provider efficiency through effective workflows.

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