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Celebrating World Usability Day – Redefining LTPAC software

LTPAC healthcare workers are overworked. In addition to providing care, they have to adhere to strict protocols, quality measures, and often times use complex software. In an ideal world, healthcare professionals would like to spend more time with residents than interacting with the software. However, a lack of usability in healthcare systems can prevent that. The demand for integrating user-experience design into healthcare systems has been increasing every year, as lackluster EHR user-experiences result in user fatigue and in some cases, user error.

Why we’re celebrating World Usability Day

On the bright side, some EHR platforms -like us at MatrixCare- have taken solid steps in ensuring continual improvement in the user experience. While also looking for ways to utilize innovative technology, such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Because we believe in the importance of creating a great user experience, we’re joining others all over the world in celebrating World Usability Day on November 12, 2020. We’ll be conducting a series of educational events with our employees to increase awareness of usability and its impact on end-users.

What is World Usability Day?

World Usability Day started in 2005 to bring together different communities and make it easier for us all to connect. Each year has a unique theme. For 2020, the theme is “Human-Centered AI” which seeks to explore designing AI systems that are “reliable, trusted, and safe” to enhance human performance in the coming decade.

Look for ways to continually improve the user experience

Since the last few years, we have been diligently working on adopting new technologies like ML and AI. We understand, to improve outcomes we must provide a user experience that is designed around the needs, habits, and work environment of its users. We also understand that advanced technologies will be most impactful if seamlessly woven around the user’s natural workflow. This simply means that the system provides the right amount of information, to the right person at the right time. To get it right, it is necessary to involve the end-users in the design of new software; at different stages of the product development lifecycle.

The Design Circle started by the UX Center of Excellence

To make that possible our UX Center of Excellence team (consisting of our very own UX designers and researchers) started the Design Circle in 2017. This allows participating users to get together with our UX team to provide feedback and ideate new solutions. Over 250 enthusiastic users are now a part of the Design Circle. Some of the activities that our UX team does to ensure our users have a great experience is:

  • Participate regularly in various design activities to help advance current features or build new ones.
  • Visit various long-term care facilities (LTPAC) to conduct user studies like contextual inquiries.
  • Conduct user interviews to understand real-life issues in the healthcare world.
  • Collect survey data from participants and their colleagues to make informed design decisions.
  • Utilize industry-leading usability testing services for testing concepts with thousands of healthcare industry users across the US.

These extensive studies with our end users, help us design software that not only improves work efficiency but also provides user delight.

To conclude

With MatrixCare adopting the right blend of technology, processes, and usability, we predict exciting times ahead for LTPAC software. MatrixCare’s focus on improving the entire healthcare ecosystem by providing usable software, human-centered AI solutions, care coordination, and interoperability with other partners will help seniors and people who care for them live healthier and happier lives.

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Kedar Kadam

Kedar Kadam has been a part of MatrixCare since 2013. With over 20 years of experience, he's been focused on strategizing and enhancing the user experience of software products for e-governance, medical devices, and the healthcare industry. He leads the User Experience Center of Excellence at MatrixCare, which is at the forefront of researching and designing innovative human-centered products for MatrixCare, which promise to improve end-user efficiency and, thus, the quality of care for residents.

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