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What is Claims Medicare Management Pro (CMMP)?

Tired of managing Medicare billing without the support of your EHR? With Inovalon’s Claims Medicare Management Pro (CMMP), providers can take control of their Medicare billing with further automation. Customers receive advance alerts for receivables at risk, have easy eligibility lookups, and benefit from an automated process for correcting complex and multi-step claims.

It also provides the ability to manage your current DDE workflow without having to set foot into DDE itself, dramatically cutting down on the training burden and number of actions to manage follow-ups. With Claims Medicare Management Pro (CMMP), expect the ability to:

  • Correct RTP claims directly from the portal, saving upwards of 20 actions each.
  • Gain full visibility into up to 12 months of DDE data, updated nightly, which can be broken down into intuitive reporting to help provide visibility into the root cause of RTPs, etc.
  • Manage esMD follow-up electronically through the portal, reducing paper processes and postage or lengthy Medicare portal processes.

Here are more advantages Claims Medicare Management Pro (CMMP) can bring to your organization:

Help reduce delayed and lost revenue.

Time-consuming processes can be automated including checking Medicare eligibility and claim status, fixing rejected claims, and more.

Monitor eligibility information.

Automatic checks can verify Medicare eligibility status and Medicare as a secondary payor.

Gain visibility and control over AR.

With analytics, generate user-friendly reports to help manage cash flow projections, eligibility issues, KPIs and potential revenue leakage.

Automate ADR, RAC audit and appeal submissions.

Integrated automation delivers audit alerts, electronic document submission, and tracking of ADR responses, RAC audits and appeals.

Generate AR reports across your business.

A summary of claims statuses helps users stay aware of revenue across multiple business units.

When less time and money is spent on administrative tasks like audit and appeal processes, the result is improved cash flow management with a better understanding of receivables at risk. 

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