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Combining Tech and Life Enrichment at Your Senior Living Community

Adopting the latest technology at your senior living community is vital for a variety of reasons, from retaining your best caregivers to increasing resident satisfaction. And, today’s active seniors are looking for more than just high-quality healthcare and a cozy living space; they’re seeking a new environment with plenty of life-enriching activities where they can continue to age in a healthful manner. More than ever, your senior living community needs to prove how it can best make a positive difference in the lives of these potential residents.

Why Offer Life Enrichment Programs for Seniors?

The type of life enrichment programs your community offers is key to creating the culture in which residents thrive. Seniors and their adult children are becoming savvier when researching senior living communities, and their expectations are also getting higher. Comparing and contrasting senior living communities has become easier in this digital age, and potential residents aren’t going to simply settle for the community in the closest proximity to their current home or loved ones. They’re looking for more.

Think of your activity department as the public relations department. According to a recent article from LeadingAge, when you start to consider your life enrichment programs as a way to promote and communicate your community’s marketing message, potential residents are able to get a more complete picture of what life the community will truly be like.

What types of life-enriching activities are seniors after? It’s more than just bingo, that much is for sure. All eight dimensions of wellness need to be considered, with programming catered to your residents’ specific interests, desires and personal goals. Diverse programs that allow residents to try new things or learn new skills regardless of their physical limitations, while also providing the key social interactions so vital in healthy aging, helps residents celebrate life every day.

Embracing Senior Living Technology

Technology plays a huge role in providing the best quality of life at your senior living community. Combined with a robust life enrichment program, technology allows you to not only attract future residents, but provide superior care to those already living on campus.

For instance, your senior living community should offer technology that provides efficient tracking of resident information. Keep each resident’s service plan right at your staff’s fingertips so they have more time to focus on delivering high-quality care. This also allows the team to track specific resident likes and dislikes that may alter some of the life enrichment programming your community offers in the future.

Plus, think about how you can best use technology to share your community’s story to potential residents. Are you utilizing the right tools to track your leads all the way from the initial inquiry to move-in? Is your staff able to easily access lead contact history and follow up with the specific information the lead requested during their research phase? The way your community follows up with potential residents or their adult children could have a significant impact on whether they choose your community – or go with a different one that demonstrated their ability to better meet their needs.

Innovative Senior Living Technology and EHR Solutions from MatrixCare

For over 30 years, MatrixCare’s senior living technology and EHR solutions have powered the long-term care continuum, helping maximize occupancy and improve quality of care.

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Kelly Keefe, RN
Kelly Keefe, RN

Kelly Keefe, RN has been in healthcare for nearly 20 years with leadership roles in nursing management, hospital administration, and information technology. In 2011, Kelly began her career in the EHR vendor market as a Product Manager, fueled by a desire to ensure that health care workers would have access to solutions that would meet the demands of a changing healthcare climate. Working as Product Manager, Kelly was responsible for ensuring that her products met all regulatory requirements, while maintaining focus on ease-of-use and workflow considerations for the end user. Kelly made the decision to come to MatrixCare as a Senior Living Solutions Product Manager based on the forward-thinking strategy of the organization. “I love that at MatrixCare we have a climate of progressiveness that allows us to be ahead of the game instead of chasing regulations. We are the ones creating the standards in the LTPAC market and I am proud to be a part of these important milestones in healthcare.”

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