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Customer spotlight: Addison County Home Health & Hospice

Deb Wesley, CEO and Vice President of Clinical Services at Addison County Home Health & Hospice, had one challenge: coding. Addison was growing, and of all the things they were taking on, Wesley knew they would not be able to self-sustain while handling the coding in-house. OASIS? They could learn that. But coding needed to be outsourced so that more time could be dedicated to patients.

Not really knowing what they needed, Wesley began touching base with several agencies, testing vendors against one another. Only one of these vendors had a grasp on coding that went well beyond the others — MatrixCare. Addison soon learned that they would streamline much more than their coding processes.

What really set MatrixCare apart during the onboarding process, was that they did what many vendors fail to do: they listened.

“They didn’t dictate here’s what we do. They asked us what we need,” says Wesley. “They’ve been very responsive to our system and our process.”

Once they were up and running with Addison, they left no code unturned. “These people,” Wesley jokes, “if I didn’t know their names and haven’t spoken to them, I’d swear they’re machines. They are impressive.”

A vendor partnership that goes beyond coding

Because product integrity is important to Addison, 100% of home health records are audited. “Every record, regardless of payor, looks the same,” says Wesley. “I want every record scrutinized, reviewed, and audited the same.”

It’s that personal touch, the relationships, that make them different from any other vendor on the market. “If I have a problem,” says Wesley, “I call my contact, he responds right back, and it’s taken care of.”

With more streamlined processes and the time to focus on tasks beyond coding, Addison began to notice the integrity of their clinical record. “I can’t even speak to how much more it’s improved,” says Wesley. “But the most significant growth we’ve seen since starting with MatrixCare is the integrity of the product itself.” This is because the diagnoses are actually reflecting the patients’ conditions. Whereas before outsourcing, they would get obscure, poor coding.

After experiencing so many good results in home health, Addison plans to utilize the team for other segment areas as things continue to evolve. Would Addison recommend MatrixCare services to other colleagues? “I already have,” states Wesley.

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MatrixCare provides an extensive range of software solutions and services purpose-built for out-of-hospital care settings. As the multiyear winner of the Best in KLAS award for Long-Term Care Software and Home Health and Hospice EMR, MatrixCare is trusted by thousands of facility-based and home-based care organizations to improve provider efficiencies and promote a better quality of life for the people they serve. As an industry leader in interoperability, MatrixCare helps providers connect and collaborate across the care continuum to optimize outcomes and successfully manage risk in out-of-hospital care delivery.

MatrixCare is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ResMed (NYSE: RMD, ASX: RMD). To learn more, visit www.matrixcare.com and follow @MatrixCare on X

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