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Hospice Dynamix: Meet our latest integration

With hospice organizations facing ongoing labor shortages, technology efficiencies are critical for business stability and growth. MatrixCare’s latest integration with Hospice Dynamix helps providers face this challenge.

What is Hospice Dynamix?

Hospice Dynamix offers a patent-pending technology that automates and aggregates real-time intelligence around patient data, behaviors, patterns, and trends to designate a dynamic data-driven length of stay for every admitted patient upon admission through their time on service. The AI machine learning analytics are optimized through a user-friendly dashboard to enhance the financial and operational performance of hospice organizations.

Hospice is a six-month benefit, or 180 days. If lengths of stay exceed that, organizations can lose money. Our Hospice Dynamix integration can help organizations make more informed decisions about their Hospice Census and the patient’s appropriate level of care.

The robust data generated through Hospice Dynamix is utilized through three core pillars of utility, which include:

Project Medicare revenue

Through the software’s AI engine and real-time integration with your EHR, Hospice Dynamix software designates a predictive length of stay for all admissions and continuously calculates the Medicare cap liability and Medicare revenue projection across your organization.

Mitigate compliance risk

Utilizing a provider-specific dashboard, you will have the tools and information needed to clearly identify current and future compliance risks so you can feel confident about making risk assessment decisions.

Benchmark referral sources

Because Hospice Dynamix associates a predictive length of stay with every referral source, you can quickly identify the depth of your referral network, observe the impact that each referral source category has on the development and sustainability of your census, and proactively assess the quality of admissions from each referral source type, in real time.

Seamless EHR integration

The patent-pending Hospice Dynamix AI scrubs patient EHR data in real-time, allowing the system to engage in “crowd” learning and adjust the predictive analytics accordingly on the dashboard. 

Machine learning technology

Hospice Dynamix deploys structured and unstructured machine learning AI technology. Structured allows the software to look for trends and behaviors within your EHR text and data. Unstructured allows the AI to learn independently, effectively improving upon every patient update.

This Hospice Dynamix integration is just one more way we continue innovating our technology to provide the best EHR experience. 

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Rob Stoltz

Rob Stoltz, Sr Dir, Business Development Home and Hospice. A long time veteran in the home-based healthcare IT industry with deep experience in EMRs, care transitions, patient engagement, predictive analytics and interoperability. Most recently, Rob has been focused on technology partnerships leveraging interoperability to benefit all stakeholders involved with patient care while enhancing provider efficiency through effective workflows.

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