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How skilled nursing facilities can maximize revenue with better RCM maintenance

Utilizing an effective billing platform is a key ingredient in successful revenue cycle management (RCM). All too often, though, the proactive maintenance these systems require falls by the wayside in the face of other priorities. At a time when staff is busier than ever, how can organizations make sure that they’re keeping up with the latest updates while promoting release readiness with their teams? At MatrixCare, we’re meeting that challenge head on with TAP, our Training Assurance Plus program. We work hard to offer the best billing platform in the industry, and we know how important expert guidance and regular maintenance are to its successful use. TAP is designed to make proactive RCM maintenance easy and intuitive to help our customers boost efficiency and increase revenue — and all with minimum effort from their already-busy staff. Delivering maximum value with Training Assurance Plus (TAP) Available in a variety of bundled hours and at a discounted rate with an annual subscription, TAP is designed to be used at the discretion of our customers. Offering hands-on assistance with regulatory and routine RCM maintenance of setups, TAP is enlisting a MatrixCare expert to take on the work of maintaining and updating essential setups such as Medicare B fee schedules, PDPM rates, Medicaid rates and more. Far beyond customer service, TAP offers a new, more accurate and proactive way for skilled nursing facilities to keep their systems securely updated. With a few key pieces of information, we can know that our customers’ environment is accurate and up to date. TAP is a series of guided training sessions to make sure that organizations are getting every possible benefit from the robust MatrixCare platform. And that means leveraging our high-level SNF billing expertise to record claims and billing more accurately, and help bolster revenue in the process. How TAP empowers organizations to stay on top of RCM maintenance RCM maintenance can be cumbersome and overwhelming. Data is frequently updated and staying on top of it is a laborious process that’s prone to error. Teaming up with a MatrixCare expert through TAP for RCM maintenance provides peace of mind by helping to ensure that all setups are accurate and up to date, with little effort required from busy staff members. With the RCM Maintenance Program, providers can be confident that they’re accurately billing payers, as well as performing correct cost reporting and gross revenue calculations. In addition, TAP offers:
  • Advanced training and consulting, including new hire training and re-training, to help staff keep up to date with newly released features of MatrixCare on an ongoing basis
  • Assistance in managing data accurately across all facilities and states
  • Assistance setting up new general ledger chart of accounts and mapping new payers for room charges, ancillaries, levels of care and payer aliases in claims management
  • Personalized optimization, resulting in a customized agenda focused on recommended areas for improvement
  • Guidance with reducing Medicare revenue upfront for mandatory sequestration payment reductions and reducing payments for PTA and OTA therapy services
On top of all that, TAP can also offer guidance on new potential billing opportunities. For instance, many facilities administer COVID-19 vaccines, but neglect to report them in their billing platform. Accurately accounting for this activity, even retroactively, can provide a new source of revenue. A better way to help ensure RCM maintenance TAP is designed to deliver not just a service but an ongoing collaboration that leverages real expertise to maximize revenue for skilled nursing organizations. By shoring up accuracy and removing the guesswork of billing and setups, organizations can help ensure they’re not missing any payments, with minimal effort on their behalf. It’s similar to having an insurance plan for their billing and claims processes. Much more than access to customer support, TAP is an ongoing collaboration with experts who are knowledgeable and committed to excellence. From quarterly fee schedule updates to properly entering the details of a new payer contract, all it takes is a little communication from clients to make sure they’re covered, and best positioned to reap every available reimbursement dollar. TAP puts this important job in the hands of experts, giving organizations the ability to focus their energy on residents and their families. At a time when many facilities struggle to find workers, this lets organizations do more with less and better position themselves for an uncertain future. Request a demo now to learn more about what TAP can do for your organization. And if you’re looking for additional help with revenue cycle management, we also offer advanced RCM services through our strategic partnership with Quality Healthcare Resources (QHCR).

Angela Margittay

Angela Margittay is the Associate Director of Professional Services at MatrixCare. She has over 15 years of experience in long-term care and holds a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Concordia. Angela has held various roles at MatrixCare since her start in financial support including implementation consultant, senior consultant, team lead, manager, and senior manager.

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