How to Build an Internal Help Desk

July 27, 2017
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In my last blog, I talked about the demand for real-time support. I was talking about our excellent support staff at MatrixCare. We’re here 24/7 for clients’ needs. We’ll always be here.

Another resource at your fingertips is your own employees and co-workers. They’re on-site, they’re knowledgeable, and they’re key assets to having an “internal help desk.”

In the below post, I’m going to walk through best practices on how to build an internal help desk at your facility.

What is an internal help desk?

An internal help desk can be 1 or 2 people. I call them your “go-to” people or person. This can be a subject matter expert. It doesn’t have to be a large, formalized team and you don’t need fancy phones or software.

An internal help desk will become familiar with the common questions or issues within your facility. Then, they can be a key asset to help incorporate those items into new hire training. This ensures you are addressing these common questions or issues from the start.

Get more value

An internal help desk can help you get more value out of your EHR. Because it offers quick answers to questions, it can also allow for more time with residents.

We also see higher employee satisfaction when an internal help desk is in place. For example, employees have an easier way to get answers and build a better rapport with team members.

Drive quality control

Staff who are software experts can help drive internal policies and procedures as well as consistency in use.

When users call vendor support, they may get the various options available within the software. However, an internal help desk can be more specific about the use of the software within facility policies and procedures.

Get certified

If you’re a MatrixCare client, you may know about our certification program. Certified users are trained “super users” that enable organizations to maximize the use of MatrixCare. This is a great way to help build your internal help desk.

If you aren’t using MatrixCare, why not? But really, then ask your vendor if they have a certification type of program that can help your internal help desk.

If you’ve started an internal help desk at your facility, or want to get started, I’d love to hear from you.

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Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth Lee is the Vice President of Customer Service for MatrixCare. Since joining MatrixCare in 2005 she has held various positions including Director of Client Support for 6 years prior to being promoted to Vice President of Customer Service on January 1, 2018. Elizabeth’s team is responsible for delivering software support for all of our MatrixCare offerings and ensuring the continued maximum use of our products. Elizabeth holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Olaf College.

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