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September 11, 2019
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Written by Amy Wootton, RDN, Director of Nutrition Management, MatrixCare

As the transition to PDPM occurs on October 1st, 2019, it is in organizations’ best interest to be able to serve higher-acuity residents efficiently, as reimbursement levels are highest for these individuals. MatrixCare’s MealTracker nutrition management software is already designed to help provide quality care for higher acuity residents under PDPM.

The impact PDPM will have on nutrition is related to the Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) case-mix classification, which requires residents with swallowing problems and mechanically altered diets to be identified and closely monitored. Although the reimbursement rate for PT and OT services declines after a resident’s 20th day, reimbursement for SLP services will not, as long as documentation of residents’ swallowing modifications or mechanically altered diet is successfully captured.

Supporting a collaborative approach to care under PDPM, MatrixCare MealTracker is prepared to arm users with tools focused on the complete nutrition needs of your residents.

MealTracker’s elite reporting details empower staff to provide the exact food items necessary for each resident’s unique diet while reducing the risk of error and giving users immediate census data to meet regulatory compliance.

MealTracker’s integration with MatrixCare clinical orders clearly identifies mechanically altered diets within our structured diet order format. This integration allows both clinical users as well as dietary/nutrition staff to isolate and monitor residents on modified consistency diets. Having dietary software that supports this exact structured diet order (vs. entering the information as free text in a notes field) helps staff work more efficiently as a team and eliminates communication gaps.

This integration with MatrixCare clinical orders also allows the dietary manager and dietitian to stay on top of the Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) services related to PDPM. Even if SLP services are not provided in-house or as part of the resident case-mix, having someone from the nutrition staff who can set the resident up with correct diet orders will be essential for staff efficiency and capturing reimbursement revenue related to these residents.

We’ve also prepared nutrition team members to assist in monitoring orders of residents who are tube-fed and at higher risk of malnutrition. Our enteral feeding feature created last year will soon integrate with MatrixCare’s clinical orders module. MealTracker’s latest feature, Malnutrition Risk Alert, will help users identify the risk for malnutrition by flagging users when two identifiers of malnutrition have been triggered.

Supporting a collaborative approach to care under PDPM, MealTracker is prepared to arm users with tools focused on the complete nutrition needs of your residents. These features, in addition to our advanced diet order management, complete the PDPM nutrition picture to capture these factors on the MDS using appropriate ICD-10 codes.

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Amy Wootton
Amy Wootton

Amy Wootton, RDN, is a registered dietitian licensed in the state of Florida with over 18 years of experience in clinical nutrition leadership for senior communities as well as acute care, food service management, nutrition informatics, and wellness education. Amy is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, was appointed Vice Chair on the Interoperability and Standards Committee, and is the leader of the Academy’s Nutition Care Process Workgroup. Amy most recently accepted a Leadership Award from the Florida Academy of Dietetics. She has achieved years of diversified experience in all spectrums and disease improvement and prevention throughout each lifespan. Amy is a dedicated leader and is passionate about the success of nutrition interventions as an electronic solution to healthcare crises’.

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