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March 25, 2019
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Here is a message from Becky Fengfish, Systems Analyst, and Lisa Weyant, IT Clinical Coordinator, at Cross Keys Village– The Brethren Home Community, on their use of MatrixCare to contribute to the success of their Music and Memory program:

“The Music and Memory program is a national program that was first shown in the documentary Alive Inside. After seeing that documentary, our Memory Care team began the Music and Memory program at Cross Keys in 2016. As they developed this program, our volunteer services director connected them with a student volunteer, Sam Jarvis, who started volunteering in our memory care neighborhoods at the age of 13. Last year alone, Sam spent over 800 hours volunteering in our Adult Day, Healthcare Center, Memory Care, and Personal Care neighborhoods all while attending high school full-time.

Sam has a heart for those living with cognitive impairment and has made it his mission to develop our Music and Memory program. Last February, he obtained his Music and Memory certification and we recently received a local grant to hire him for a part-time position. This will enable us to expand our Music and Memory program to our Residential Living Villagers and the greater community. Our campus is the 8th largest non-profit in the nation that serves over 1,000 residents between our Residential Living, Healthcare and Personal Care neighborhoods. This is no small feat that Sam has taken on, but with his fervor and MatrixCare’s documentation tools, we are sure we can successfully further this program.

Our process uses MatrixCare for forms, alerts, and documentation–

The nurse requests that a resident is evaluated for the Music & Memory program by completing a MatrixCare form. This form, on completion, alerts the Memory Care team. Sam then interviews the resident and family members to find out what music they like or what music brings back memories. He documents this information on a form and then programs the iPods with their preferences. Our nursing team then “turns on” Point of Care documentation so that when a resident uses the iPod, we can document the usage and effectiveness. We have also been able to follow what the use of the iPod is for, with our doc code format used within team notes. Our team can enter the code to document if the iPod is being used for pain, behavioral interventions or engagement purposes. It has been a great program!”

Find out more about the National Music and Memory program here.

Thank you to Cross Keys Village – The Brethren Home Community for sharing this awesome story with us. Does your facility use MatrixCare in an interesting way? Let us know by emailing [email protected]

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