Never stop learning with certification

We all know the phrase “never stop learning.” In the workplace, there’s no better way to keep learning, than through certification programs.

For employees, earning a certification is a commitment to your field and talent, as well as to your current and/or future employer.

For employers, offering certification programs can support staff training, hiring and promotion decisions, and brand image. It’s a commitment to a productive and happier work environment.

What exactly is a certification?

Certification can mean many things. Informally, it’s an easy way to set a goal for learning something new. Formally, working toward earning a certification means signing up for a program through your employer or an educational institute, or attending a structured class.

After finishing these steps, receive a certificate or recognition for successful completion.

Why do certifications matter?

Certifications tend to have a strong following and help greatly in setting you apart. This is because earning a certification is a great way to grow your network of peers, learn from people who are in the same role as you, and bring valuable outside knowledge back to your role and company.

From a personal level, earning a certification could also help reignite your motivation to further your career development.

Also, who doesn’t love a little extra bling on their signature line, resume, or social media profile?!

The demand for certifications is growing

Many companies and industries offer certification type programs, including:

  • Nursing with continuing education to keep licenses active
  • Technology with focus on internal tools or database/SQL certification
  • Business with focus on leadership, strategizing, and best practices
  • Training with focus on education and learning tools

Within MatrixCare, we offer a certification program that combines all four of these areas, therefore it helps prepare people to do more with training staff, leadership recognition, and healthcare technology.

Getting started

Now that you’re interested, are you wondering how you will find the time with a full-time job and busy life? Select what works best for you.

Online programs are often the easiest. You can spread out courses over time and attend when you can. These may be instructor led or self-instructed via online tools. If possible, a classroom environment can be beneficial. Depending on the program, these may be led remotely or internally at your company. For example, companies may offer in-office certification programs for groups of employees during business hours.

In addition, two other opportunities including an exam or “train-back” method may work well for you.

Study on your own and take the exam at your own pace. Alternatively, attend an online course or classroom session and take the exam or present a final project/presentation.

A train-back of material is a great way to validate expertise. For example, lead a training session to an expert certifying you, this can help you learn even more while accomplishing certification.

Remember, you can never stop learning!

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Kim Broyer

Kim Broyer is the Vice President of Professional Services at MatrixCare. She has almost 20 years of experience in long-term care and holds a Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. She has been in various roles at MatrixCare since January 2003 including Training Consultant, Product Manager/Business Analyst and current role for 6 years leading up Project Management and Training services for our customers. Broyer's team helps to ensure new clients are implementing MatrixCare successfully and existing clients continue to adopt new product features through project management, eLearning, ongoing training webinars and #Engage regional user groups.

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