Slade Bailey

Slade Bailey understands what hospices need from technology

“In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.”  Harold Geneen

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Whether you’re a clinician, a coder, or a support services expert, many MatrixCare employees have shared your path, serving residents in post-acute care.

Through his extensive hospice experience handling scheduling, IDT meeting coordination and back-office financial tasks, Slade Bailey is a prime example. He understands what you need from a hospice EHR solution because he has been there and done that.

Today, he puts that knowledge to work as a senior customer success manager for MatrixCare. The real-world experience of employees like Slade helps us design hospice software that meets your unique needs. But Slade now gets his biggest kick out of helping customers like you solve problems and connect with helpful resources. Here is just some of what he has learned – and how it can help you.

Q: What experience did you bring to MatrixCare?

A: Prior to joining the company, I spent some time in the post-acute space working for two different hospice agencies in the Atlanta area. In my role as a team support coordinator, I used the MatrixCare platform, and was responsible for scheduling, coordinating IDT meetings, and doing a lot of the back-office function from the CFO side.

Q: Why did you decide to join MatrixCare?

A: I really enjoy helping others and I love technology. MatrixCare just seemed like a good fit for my personality and skill set, and helping customers is rewarding to me. I feel connected and have a sense of belonging to others in a larger healthcare ecosystem.

Q: How does your experience from then benefit customers now?

A: Because I have been in an actual hospice agency, working as part of the team, I have a sense of what that pulse is like. Now, working inside the MatrixCare hospice software platform, I can relate to and help my customers better. I want them to have the best hospice EHR available. They appreciate that.

Q: How, specifically?

A: I know exactly what is involved in a clinician’s, an administrator’s or a team support coordinator’s day. Knowing what they are going through gives me a better context to solve their problems – or put them in touch with a resource that can help them. Specifically, it may come down to the design of hospice software products that better suit their needs – or the ongoing communication from a knowledgeable voice they know they can trust and relate to. Someone who’s shared these real-world scenarios with them.

Q: Why is having the right technology so important?

A: Having the technology to run your business more efficiently helps you deliver the best possible outcomes, which is crucial to stay competitive in today’s tight marketplace. My perspective and the ability to understand their challenges leads to finding intelligent hospice EHR software solutions that will work for them.

Q: What else should customers look for in a home health and hospice software solution provider?

A:  Ease of use comes first to mind, followed by efficiency and interoperability.

Q: What are the top challenges home health and hospice providers are facing right now?

A:  Attracting and retaining talented staff. I hear it from so many of our customers. Another challenge is poor documentation that can lead to revenue loss.

Q:  How does MatrixCare help solve these issues?

A:  MatrixCare is a very compliance driven EMR. It’s designed by clinicians for clinicians. Our cutting-edge applications like MatrixCare Link and Speech-to-Text are excellent tools to increase staff satisfaction and retention. They also improve documentation time for the clinicians. And giving the clinician more time back in their day helps promote a healthier work/life balance.

Q: What brings you the most satisfaction?

A:  I enjoy helping others, but being able to connect and form relationships with our customers is something I thrive on. Providing them with a real, experienced and available support person goes a long way. I know it is greatly appreciated. It’s a level of white glove service that is rare to find these days.

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Slade Bailey

Slade Bailey currently works as our Senior Customer Success Manager for MatrixCare Home & Hospice. Slade brings his experience as a clinical support coordinator to the role which helps him better understand our customers' pain points and use our solutions to help them find success. Slade has worked at MatrixCare since 2018 and earned his degree from Georgia State University in Sociology.

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