How technology enhances services & amenities at your senior living community

November 15, 2017
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Attracting new residents to your waitlist and maximizing occupancy levels are key to the success of your senior living community. When potential residents or their grown children begin researching senior housing options, they’re not just looking for a comfortable living space and the right level of healthcare services. While those factors are, of course, highly important, you can also be sure they’re scrutinizing the services and amenities your community offers that promote wellness and ensure a happy future.

Standing out in a crowd: How senior living technology transforms your amenities

Research from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) reveals that the market for technology for aging adults is expected to grow from $24.4 billion in 2015 to $42.7 billion by the year 2020. Members of the Baby Boomer generation may not have grown up in a digital world like their grandchildren, but according to research from, the Boomers now spend more money on technology than any other generation.

Technology in a senior living community is not only welcomed by residents today, it’s expected. Offering unique services and amenities along with the right technology provides a competitive advantage your community cannot afford to ignore. These technological advances both increase resident care and satisfaction while enriching the lives of both your residents and their loved ones.

Seniors and technology: Enhancing the experience

What kind of services and amenities are today’s seniors looking for, and how can you ensure your community is highlighting them appropriately? First, it’s important to offer activities that focus on all eight dimensions of wellness to let potential residents know they don’t need to worry about leading a fulfilling lifestyle – it’s a given at your community. These activities should be promoted on your website by sharing a link to a calendar of events so anyone researching their senior housing options knows your community offers more than just a place to live and standard healthcare services.

What if you could go a step above and beyond by offering life-enriching wellness activities? If you have a way of capturing and assessing the needs of every resident, think how your community could use that information to tailor services and amenities to those specific needs. Instead of simply offering options like free wi-fi and emergency response systems, technology can be utilized to customize amenities to the individual resident.

You should also consider the common amenities your community currently offers and how your team uses technology to provide the best possible experience for residents. For example, many senior living communities have onsite hair salons or spas. But, what makes yours unique? What if, for instance, you provide a point-of-sale system that accepts a variety of payment methods, including gift cards, to make it easy for them to pay for services rendered? And, better yet, this system helps your team better account for the revenue generated from these services!

All senior living communities know that residents today are looking for a true dining experience, too. If your community utilizes nutrition planning and management software, residents will know they’re getting delicious meals that meet their specific needs and preferences, without the hassle of cooking.

The bottom line: think beyond bingo. Today’s savvy seniors grow more comfortable with technology with each passing day. Technology is changing the way older adults live, keeping them healthier, living longer and remaining more engaged with their loved ones and their communities.

Innovative EHR technology solutions for senior living

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Kelly Keefe, RN
Kelly Keefe, RN

Kelly Keefe, RN has been in healthcare for nearly 20 years with leadership roles in nursing management, hospital administration, and information technology. In 2011, Kelly began her career in the EHR vendor market as a Product Manager, fueled by a desire to ensure that health care workers would have access to solutions that would meet the demands of a changing healthcare climate. Working as Product Manager, Kelly was responsible for ensuring that her products met all regulatory requirements, while maintaining focus on ease-of-use and workflow considerations for the end user. Kelly made the decision to come to MatrixCare as a Senior Living Solutions Product Manager based on the forward-thinking strategy of the organization. “I love that at MatrixCare we have a climate of progressiveness that allows us to be ahead of the game instead of chasing regulations. We are the ones creating the standards in the LTPAC market and I am proud to be a part of these important milestones in healthcare.”

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