Darlene Aleksza, Director of Product Management, MatrixCare

The true value of the right EHR

Home health and hospice providers continue facing challenges around staffing, organizational efficiencies and growth. The right electronic health record (EHR) can be the solution to these problems.

What is an EHR?

An EHR is a secure system that connects providers to patient history and data in real time, streamlining care and strengthening the patient-clinician relationship. But no two EHRs are alike, which is why it’s important to understand the value of a good solution:

  • It helps clinicians be more efficient and effective in caring for patients
  • It’s smarter and easier for clinicians to navigate
  • It keeps families connected and better serves the patient

Organizations using the wrong EHR for their business can experience inefficient processes, increased clinician turnover, and stalled growth. Here are two important features to consider when looking for the right EHR.

1. The right EHR promotes continuity of care

99% of referral sources reported that they will likely change to post-acute care providers who can support their interoperability needs, such as accepting electronic referrals. What does this mean?

This ability to easily exchange meaningful data between medical care team members, patients, and caregivers can make or break the continuity of care — and it’s all determined by the EHR you choose.

Instead of relying on the patient to provide history and medication information, an EHR with interoperability capabilities can provide a holistic view of patient history with more accurate information. This also keeps patients from repeating information they have already shared with providers.

2. The right EHR is easy to use

97% of PAC providers believe it’s important to be able to send and receive electronic data feeds with their referral sources. What does this mean?

When an EHR is built to keep care connected, it simplifies how data is shared. Built-in automations simplify documentation, patient engagement features offer real-time collaboration for care teams and families, data analytics can impact patient outcomes, integrations streamline processes, and interoperability provides full patient histories — all coming together to make data available in real time for everyone involved in the care journey.

The MatrixCare difference

With years of home-based care experience, we understand the challenges providers face. The MatrixCare EHR is designed by clinicians for clinicians to improve care for clinicians and those they serve. Our pioneering interoperability solutions have led us to multiple Best in KLAS wins — and we’re just getting started.

Connect with us today to see for yourself why our EHR is the best choice for your organization.

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Darlene Aleksza

Drawing upon over two decades of experience in home-based care, Darlene exhibits a profound passion for hospice services. She possesses a deep understanding of the specialized skill sets required by hospice and home health staff. Through her dedication to MatrixCare, Darlene channels her expertise to serve the healthcare community, striving to enhance patient care through the introduction of innovative solutions.

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