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MatrixCare’s mission is to leverage technology to improve the lives of America’s seniors and those who care for them. In accordance with this mission, we’re honored to have earned Best in KLAS for Long-Term Care recognition two years in a row* and are committed to delighting and empowering our customers for many years to come.

The Best in KLAS report focuses on recognizing the software and service organizations that excelled in helping healthcare professionals deliver better patient care. The KLAS report and performance data are thanks to the collective voice of customers and made possible by the many thousands of healthcare providers that take the time to share with KLAS their experiences and candid feedback about the reality of healthcare technology solutions. Please feel free to share your experiences confidentially with KLAS online at or via telephone at 800.920.4109.

As leaders of service teams, we are proud to be named Best in KLAS again this year. Our MatrixCare products are the best available and our Service and Support teams are aligned with that philosophy as we are engrained in the product DNA. Our teams work with our clients every day and bring all that they see and hear back to our product owners. Customer feedback gathered by KLAS is reviewed often and we incorporate comments and ideas back into our Service approach.

When it comes to specific service offerings there are a few things that providers seeking a software solution should look for. These qualities include:

  • A software partner focused on your current workflow and how to enhance that with technology, our teams are focused on learning the customers’ workflow and how to provide years of experience into best practice recommendations
  • A software partner that welcomes a new customer at the beginning of implementation, holds your hand through the change, understands how you are unique and provides on-going support post-implementation
  • A software partner that engages with you during implementation and after and encourages you to implement new product features through on-going education
  • A software partner that listens to customer needs

In compliance with the KLAS ratings, we strongly believe that MatrixCare stands out positively from its’ competitors. In relation to new customers, our MatrixCare staff leads new client implementations and with that, works closely with our product owners to understand the needs of our customers, that staff is sharing customer ideas, assisting in the design of new features and often testing use cases based on client workflow prior to the release delivery.

When it comes to customer service, our MatrixCare support staff develop relationships with customers and provide timely, knowledgeable post-implementation and on-going support. Customer support trends and customer ideas are shared throughout MatrixCare helping shape the future of the product and our service and support offerings

It is of utmost importance that your software solution provider stays in front of changes that impact your customers. MatrixCare does exactly this:

  • MatrixCare is deeply involved in national, state and local associations that are at the forefront of industry regulatory changes and best practices – oftentimes MatrixCare is helping shape and drive what those changes are.
  • We partner with McKnight’s Senior Living and Long-Term Care News, Senior Housing Forum, and Provider Magazine regularly for collaboration surrounding industry knowledge in an important effort to stay ahead of what is expected.
  • Our MatrixCare employees are well trained in advance of product changes and industry changes and are able to speak to things early on that which affect our clients
  • MatrixCare continues to have people work in the field who are able to share their knowledge on upcoming changes and trends
  • MatrixCare provides comprehensive release training prior to product and industry changes

In conjunction with the benefits that we offer, MatrixCare vows to maintain our relationship with customers long after implementation has been successfully completed. We care about our customers’ success and we will be ready to yield any questions or concerns they have– at any time. This includes keeping them up to speed on all product and industry changes in real time.

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*2017-2018 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report © KLAS 2018

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Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth Lee is the Vice President of Customer Service for MatrixCare. Since joining MatrixCare in 2005 she has held various positions including Director of Client Support for 6 years prior to being promoted to Vice President of Customer Service on January 1, 2018. Elizabeth’s team is responsible for delivering software support for all of our MatrixCare offerings and ensuring the continued maximum use of our products. Elizabeth holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Olaf College.

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