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Unexpected outage? Power up with MatrixCare Mobile eMAR

Whether it’s a wildfire in California, a hurricane in the Carolinas, a polar vortex in Minnesota, or a tornado in Kansas; a natural disaster can take place anywhere. Because of this, emergency preparedness should be at the forefront of long-term care providers’ minds but is often something that goes overlooked.

Until recently, it was typical for facilities to work off paper-based records while their eMAR system (a server-based electronic medication administration recording system designed for use in institutional pharmacies, assisted living, long-term care, and rehab facilities) was offline during an emergency. This meant already over-burdened caregivers needed to record administrative tasks manually and required of them much more diligence and overall attention to detail. This situation also created a higher probability of medication errors or missed dosages that could result in serious illness or death.

By implementing or upgrading existing technology solutions in your organization, facilities have a much higher chance of emerging on the other side of a disaster with minimal negative impact to their residents. That’s why MatrixCare recently introduced a new eMAR offline functionality within its CareAssist product.

The benefit of eMAR offline is it enables the administration of medications even when the MatrixCare system is offline due to not only natural disasters but also scheduled maintenance or connectivity issues as well. While other eMAR systems provide this functionality via a fail-over or back-up server process, MatrixCare is the only solution that provides a mobile offline application for Apple, Android, or Windows devices. This allows greater flexibility in an emergency over a hard-wired connection as it enables users to continue to document medication administration in real-time and seamlessly sync with the eMAR once the community is back online.

Here are some of the benefits of MatrixCare Mobile eMAR Offline Solution:

  • Runs on mobile devices for greater flexibility in emergencies
  • Prevents medication errors or missed doses due to being offline
  • Provides expansive continuity of care for residents when offline
  • Eliminates the need to print paper copies of medication administration records during scheduled maintenance
  • Removes paper drug monitoring and tracking when offline
  • Eliminates manual reconciliation process of inputting paper documentation into the eMAR once connectivity is resumed
  • Facilitates more accurate compliance reporting
  • Prevents late documentation resulting from being offline

When you consider the immense stress that an emergency can place on caregiving staff, it becomes clear how crucial it is to remain committed to taking the steps necessary to allow your team to care for residents more efficiently during an unexpected outage.

It is increasingly important to invest in technology that helps solve the many challenges currently present in long-term care settings—while also realizing that technology poses a danger to organizations that become overly dependent on, or don’t have, established offline processes.

So, whether scheduled maintenance, issues with connectivity, or a 5.2 magnitude earthquake are on your facility’s horizon, MatrixCare has you covered.

Find out more about MatrixCare CareAssist and the product’s new offline eMAR capability here.


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