Smart technology to handle staffing shortages

Especially beneficial among today’s extreme staffing shortages, predictive analytics help facilities to rapidly onboard temporary staff and empower nurses to deliver proactive, compassionate care with limited resources.

How it works

Through a clear, easy-to-understand dashboard, you can see the status of every facility and drill down into each floor, wing, and resident—all in real-time. With one glance, you’ll see how conditions have shifted in the last half hour, overnight, or over the weekend through aggregated acuity and fall risk scores.

This information allows you to pinpoint which residents are at greatest risk, shift your staff accordingly, then empower your nurses to focus their time and talents during each interaction.

Clinical staff can predict where resources are needed next, based on real-time insight into changes in condition across your facility, allowing them to:

  • Quickly cohort residents and distribute workloads
  • Guide room placements and location decisions
  • Reduce surprises and emergencies that strain your team
  • Get agency resources and new staff up to speed quickly

Nurses can focus their time on preventative care with in-the-moment insights, allowing them to:

  • Enable proactive care plans and interventions
  • Take confident action to prevent falls
  • Boost efficiency and satisfaction

Clinical Advanced Insights is designed so that both full-time and temporary staff, who may be unfamiliar with residents and processes, can quickly review data and confidently make assessments on where to direct their energy. You can act today to prevent falls and rehospitalization tomorrow.

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