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Working together: EHR integrations and alliances

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We work with hundreds of complementary third-party systems and can help our customers identify pre-certified vendors through our Connections Interoperability Program. We’ve developed strategic relationships with select consultants and service providers who are aligned to our methodology. And by ensuring interoperability with integrator sources that can show proven return on investment on certified products, we help our customers ease the time and cost burden of seeking out compatible solutions.

Now, your EHR can connect to other systems allowing you to access data and make the most out of your workflows. With over 40+ software integrations and over 100+ pharmacies integrating with our Pharmacy vendors, we go above and beyond to ensure you’re connected. With less barriers, you can see data in real-time and make informed decisions that improve patient care.

View our full list of integrations and alliances below.

Connected with 100+ pharmacies

View the full list of pharmacies currently utilizing the integration between MatrixCare and our Pharmacy vendor partners.

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We are always looking for new integrations and alliances that can help us deliver more value to our customers.