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We are committed to innovation so that our customers can do good and do well. In today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, we are always looking for innovative and thoughtful healthcare technology partners to help us deliver even more value to our customers. We track the development of cutting-edge products and solutions gaining traction in the LTPAC market. We also listen to and leverage the expertise of our customers to identify non-EHR products and solutions that address their most immediate challenges.

Our partner ecosystem program is designed to enable seamless connectivity and interoperability between our customers and a broad spectrum of technology vendors. We go above and beyond to ensure you’re connected and can easily access a greater volume of products and solutions to streamline your workflows. We integrate with hundreds of vendors and service providers that complement our solutions, providing choice and flexibility so our customers can make informed decisions and tackle the evolving and dynamic needs of this industry.

Please find our list of featured partners below.

Connected with 100+ pharmacies

View the full list of pharmacies currently utilizing the integration between MatrixCare and our Pharmacy vendor partners.

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We are always looking for new integrations and alliances that can help us deliver more value to our customers.

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