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MatrixCare has been there.

When you’re passionate about people, it shows. We know this firsthand, as our people are not only passionate, but dedicated to making the greatest impact each and every day. With a diverse team ranging from registered nurses to former CIOs of companies, our staff brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to meet the unique and changing needs of our customers. Because we’re more than just a software company, we’re a people company. We put the people we serve first in hopes that we can make a positive difference in our community and the industry at large, all while leveraging technology.

With expertise in both clinical and administrative settings, plus decades in technology and product development, our leadership team understands the challenges providers face. And that’s why we’re so passionate about MatrixCare. Because we know the good smart technology can do.

How could seamless systems help you?

Facility-based care settings and home care organizations choose MatrixCare solutions to improve care throughout each individual’s healthcare journey. See how our full-spectrum EHR solution can drive results for you in today’s value-based environment.