MatrixCare Enterprise Financials is a comprehensive suite of robust, fully integrated modules for tracking and managing financial information, including Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Bank Reconciliation, Capital Projects, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management and F9 Reporting.

Benefits of MatrixCare Enterprise Financials

Powerful Intercompany (Multi-Company) Transaction Management

Feature-rich modules are fully integrated and efficient for organizations of ANY size

Beyond the Basics

The Enterprise Financials suite offers a variety of components that go beyond the “standard” offerings you might find in other AP/GL packages.

Proven Product

MatrixCare Enterprise Financials was designed specifically for use in the LTPAC industry and has a successful track record as a critical tool for organizations of all sizes. MatrixCare has specialized in General Ledger and Accounts Payable for over 30 years.

Security & Accessibility

Enterprise Financials is a hosted solution, offering all of the benefits of automated backups, redundant systems, world-class security, and the flexibility to access your data from anywhere.

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