Our technology supports home health clinicians at every point of care by streamlining workflows, automating redundant tasks, and helping to reduce rehospitalizations — all while improving work-life balance.

With firsthand home health experience, our team understands the challenges faced by providers today. The MatrixCare EHR is designed by clinicians to deliver real-time collaboration, simplified documentation, and intuitive regulatory guidance. Whether your focus is on one care setting or many, organizations can seamlessly work across home health, hospice, palliative care and private duty. The result is more efficient operations — including faster reimbursements — more focus on patients, and more work-life balance for staff.  



Expect a range of benefits including increased efficiency, patient-centric care, work-life balance for staff, helping to reduce rehospitalizations, and so much more:

Clinician retention, satisfaction and performance

Powerful analytics and actionable reporting

Revenue cycle management with integrated billing

Interoperability for smoother care transitions

Increase staff retention, satisfaction, and performance

With the right tools, patients are more likely to have positive outcomes and staff are more satisfied. Our innovative platform provides support for compliance, robust insights to guide care, simplified documentation to save time on tedious tasks, voice-to-text capabilities, alerts and reminders to help reduce errors, and on- and offline support for varying connectivity (a significant help for rural home visits).

Support seamless transitions of care with industry-leading interoperability

With an EHR built for interoperability, home health providers can transition care more efficiently, coordinate care more effectively and manage medications more accurately — all with connectivity to networks such as CommonWell Health Alliance, Carequality and SureScripts.

Improve reimbursements

With Inovalon Insurance Discovery, providers can recover more payments from uncompensated services. Robust algorithms search patient information against public and private payor records to help identify payors more often and reduce claims marked as self-pay, charity, or bad debt.

Engage family and caregivers

A built-in video chat solution supports both patient-to-staff and staff-to-staff communication. Providers can stay connected to families with engaging digital tools that securely exchange messages and electronic documents.

A comprehensive solution to manage the entire patient journey — fully customizable to your organization’s needs.

Intake success starts with the effective exchange of information. Our technology features integrations trusted to streamline the flow of patient data efficiently and securely, ultimately helping to avoid delays in care.

Seamlessly import patient hospital records from systems like CarePort/naviHealth, freeing up staff for more important tasks.

Securely message and transmit documents and discrete data elements through the best-in-class, DirectTrust network, keeping communications in one central location.

Use a mobile device to conveniently scan documents or take photos that are stored securely in the patient record.

Verify commercial eligibility status with automatic and on-demand checks. Intuitive alerts help you stay ahead of potential revenue leakage.

Connect with patient health records easily and share documents with connected providers via CommonWell Health Alliance and Carequality.

Reconcile patient medication lists automatically through a mobile device via SureScripts, C-CDA reconciliation, and CommonWell.

Always on the go, clinical staff and physicians have enough on their plates — which is why they need solutions that minimize the administrative workload. The MatrixCare app is designed to work on and offline to support varying connectivity, with tools built for every point of care.

Clinician tools:

  • Empower clinicians with assessments, alerts, and recommendations that help ensure complete records and minimize takebacks through MyScrubber Clinical.
  • Enable GPS-monitored time cards that help clinicians capture hours worked for convenient review by team leaders and supports necessary EVV.
  • Review and reconcile new medications instantly via mobile device.
  • Save time with speech-to-text functionality stored directly in the EHR.
  • Stay connected with patients, caregivers, partners and staff with secure direct messaging, document sharing and signing, and video chat.
  • Utilize episode/resource management analytics to help identify high-risk patients and maximize care through early interventions with the Medalogix integration.
  • Document and monitor wound progress.

Physician tools:

  • Digitally sign, search and save documents via physician portal.
  • Save time with speech-to-text functionality stored directly in the EHR.

Our tools are designed to keep families connected and supported, while caregivers focus on their loved ones.

Keep staff connected with patients, caregivers and families through secure direct messaging, document sharing and signing, and video chat.

Provide 24/7 telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and health assessments with Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) integration.

Provide after-hours triage and around-the-clock nursing support. MatrixCare populates the Total Triage/CareXM application with demographic and clinical information via FHIR-enabled integration.

Stay connected to families with direct messaging, document sharing, electronic document signing, and a built-in video chat solution that supports both patient-to-staff and staff-to-staff communication.

Gain a team dedicated to the ongoing customer experience, including optimization, satisfaction and support, long after implementation.

Manual methods of managing the back end of your business — such as phone calls, voicemails and faxes — are inefficient. Our technology simplifies the ways data is collected, analyzed and automated to increase satisfaction among back-office and patient-facing staff.

Customize your data management experience with MyAnalytics, a tool built to generate reports that analyze commonly monitored metrics. Expanded reporting capabilities are also an option for deep-level insights to support business decisions.

Through MyData, create novel data relationships, models and measures for reporting.

Make it easy for home health aides to document on patient care plans and capture visit information with this dedicated workflow-driven solution.

Automatically records, verifies, and reports caregiver travel information through mileage auto calculation.

Customize rates, calculation rules, and workflow thresholds that alert employees regarding time and attendance. Export data easily if needed.

Collect accurate documentation and help ensure compliance with CMS and best practices. MyScrubber QA supports a complete patient care record, quality assessments, and improved patient outcomes.

Manual RCM processes can lead to more errors, slow submissions and frequent denials. Our workflow-driven technology sets you up for revenue success with automatic checks and electronic submission.

Configure a new chart of accounts to set GL account numbers using a set of predetermined criteria for month-end general ledger.

Electronically verifies a patient’s Medicaid/Commercial eligibility for services automatically prior to claims submission.

Submit Medicare claims faster electronically via eClaims.

In home health, behind excellent patient care is an excellent business strategy. With tools built to help manage every facet of your organization, you can put less focus on the paperwork and more focus on patients and their families.

Reduce costs and increase reimbursements with coding and billing experts.

Deploy and analyze your HHCAHPS survey with comprehensive reports from CAHPS experts through HEALTHCAREfirst.

Send and receive electronic faxes within the EHR.

Have your business reviewed by OASIS experts for potential inconsistencies and opportunities for improvement.

Receive advance alerts for Medicare receivables at risk, have easier eligibility lookups, and use an automated process for correcting complex and multi-step claims via Inovalon – Claims Medicare Management Pro.

Utilize Inovalon Insurance Discovery to recover more payments from uncompensated services through robust algorithms that search patient information against public and private payor records to help identify payors more often and reduce claims marked as self-pay, charity, or bad debt.

“MatrixCare makes us successful. They help drive us to deliver the quality care we know our patients deserve and to maintain our employee satisfaction. We had a successful and zero deficiency survey all around: productive staff, satisfied families, well-cared-for patients—and a great EHR system that makes it all come together.”
Janell Solomon, Director of Compliance, Sangre de Cristo Community Care
“Before MatrixCare, we weren’t billing until the 15th or 18th of each month. Now, we typically bill 90% or better of our claims in the first week of each month.”
Brenda McClanahan, RN, hospice assistant administrator, Smoky Mountain Home Health & Hospice
“No, our software doesn’t do that’ — that’s not something we hear from MatrixCare. I love that because we don’t want to be held back by technology.”
Tiffany McElheny, Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management at Advanced Health Care
“The rapid growth of our home health organization is due in large part to the accessibility of our home care services, the compassion of our clinicians and the successful deployment of our new point-of-care documentation solution.”
Melinda Moore, executive director of the home health group for Wesley Homes
“MatrixCare feels more like a partnership. They work with us on our goals and how to get there, which I didn’t feel like I had at all with my last vendor. That is huge to me.”
Division Controller, Large home health and hospice in the southeast
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