MatrixCare Link has made a major difference, eliminating the stress around obtaining necessary paperwork.

Janell Solomon, Director of Compliance at Sangre de Cristo Community Care

MatrixCare Link for home health and hospice

Drive a more satisfying care experience to build your business.

So much depends on the care experience you deliver: patient satisfaction scores, ratings, referrals, and retention rates. And if you’re missing the mark, it can cost your business down the road.
The good news is that with MatrixCare Link, you can enhance the care experience for all—patients, families, providers, and referring physicians. Our advanced communications platform makes it easy to connect key stakeholders inside and outside your organization, paving the way to greater patient and family engagement, a higher quality care experience, improved outcomes, and more satisfied patients, caregivers, and staff. The result can mean higher ratings and retention rates, and more referrals for your business.

MatrixCare Link. Get ready to enable a care experience that builds your business.

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3 ways MatrixCare Link builds your business