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360care provides an interdisciplinary care team focused on improving the lives of residents of long-term care and assisted living facilities. With a unique range of services, including dental, vision, podiatry, audiology, psychiatry, counseling, and primary care, 360care gets a full-circle view of the health of the resident and provides truly coordinated care that improves quality measures and reduces hospital admissions and emergency room visits. Quality care involves a steady fl ow of information between your staff and the providers. Our integrated solution automates the information sharing reducing the burden on your staff to pull and send needed records or file provider consult notes into patient charts.

Features and benefits

Coordinated Care – 360care is redefining healthcare delivery in community settings. Primary care, psych treatment, audiology, dentistry, optometry, and podiatry are all offered through 360care. The breadth of the services provided by 360care results in a 360o view of the patient. 360care uses this data to coordinate care with a focus on preventing issues from reaching the acute level. We are part of your team in improving quality measures, complete diagnosis identification, and treatment.

Industry Expertise – 360care specializes in caring for residents in senior care communities. We make it easy for residents to get needed care while meeting the needs of the communities. Providers working with 360care are trained to work with the senior population and can focus solely on patient care while 360care handles everything else. 360care provides a way to see all the residents. Whether insured through Medicare, Medicaid, the 360care insurance program, private insurance, or private pay, we meet the treatment needs of all residents.

Administrative Efficiency – 360care provides a “one-stop shop” for onsite treatment of your residents. This means your staff has only one point of administrative contact for all the 360care services – saving your staff valuable time and hassle. 360care makes sure that multiple ancillary services are not scheduled for the same day.

Matrix Integration – A 360care integration with Matrix will help improve the continuity of care for your residents as well as keeping you compliant in making sure all residents have access to care, all while reducing the administrative burden on your staff. The 360care integration eliminates faxing, downloading, and paper notes.Provider notes can be electronically transmitted to the resident’s chart in Matrix.