ADMIT+ By LincWare

  • SNF

“From hours to minutes.” AdmitPlus offers your busy team a complete, secure, & seamless electronic paperwork process. With fully automated referral & admissions software, you’ll do so much more with far less hands-on work. No matter the care level (IL, AL, Memory, Nursing) we’ve got you covered. From admissions agreements and leases, to handbooks, consent to treat, Medicare forms, vaccinations, and any other document your residents need to review, complete, and sign.


All your data, right where you need it

No more entering the same data into multiple systems. AdmitPlus sends everything right where it needs to be – ready to instantly populate the right documents or reports you need to run. Your data belongs to you, so don’t let an electronics admission solution hold your data hostage in a PDF.

Better, faster Referrals

AdmitPlus with ReferralPlus offers a complete end-to-end referrals & admissions process. Streamline your referrals process to quickly & easily make the best decisions. ReferralPlus allows you to execute centralized or decentralized referral processing that keeps all your data in one system. Everything is tracked & processed quickly & efficiently so everyone can make better, faster decisions. Automatic notifications throughout the process keep all departments in the loop and on top of what they need to do.

Meet the resident right where they are

Residents and their families have complex needs and that’s why they’re trusting you with their wellbeing. AdmitPlus allows you to complete the admissions process wherever it’s easiest for them. In-person, bedside, or remotely with a user-friendly process and guided videos to answer questions as they come up.

Do more with less

With a fully electronic referrals & admissions process, your team will move from spending hours per admission to minutes. What could your admissions team do with more hours in the day? No more chasing paper or signatures. No more re-entering data or copying documents into another system. Reports are run in seconds and everyone has visibility into every admission. Now your team can do what you hired them to do, build relationships with your residents.

Slash compliance risk

Would your current process stand up to an audit? With AdmitPlus, you’re always in 100% document compliance. Never worry that you’re using the correct and most updated forms and rest easy knowing that every signature is required and captured. Plus, compliance reporting is done automatically for you. Feel protected, you are!

A centralized dashboard

AdmitPlus allows you to manage & monitor quality, accountability, & service with full visibility through a centralized dashboard. Spot emerging issues before they turn into a crisis, and have the visibility to step in where needed.

Uncover missed opportunities

AdmitPlus ensures you capture every revenue opportunity by eliminating errors that can result in lower or missed reimbursement opportunities. Plus, robust reporting allows your team to quickly identify operational opportunities for future efficiency measures. Uncover trends and opportunities within your operations at the organizational level, by location, or even by team member.