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Inovalon’s revenue cycle management solutions streamline and automate every aspect of RCM for HomeHealth and Hospice agencies. Ranging from eligibility verification and patient access enhancements, to claims submissions, workflow analytics, and more, each solution helps providers simplify the complexities of revenue cycle management.

Inovalon and MatrixCare have enhanced their long-standing partnership to include seamless integration for claims, remittances, automated secondary billing, automated DDE integration, eligibility, patient statements, and insurance discovery. We are excited to offer the best in class post-acute workflow to customers.

Inovalon eClaims integration functionality was developed to optimize and integrate front- and back-end processes and offer tools to allow our customers to gain speed and clarity in their workday. Organizational leaders will benefit from more accurate processes and claims details that support their bottom line.

Streamlined claims management workflows:

  • Transmit Medicare and commercial 837 claim files, receive status of files and claims, and retrieve 835 remittances automatically within MatrixCare

Automated Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) billing

Actionable insight for denial management:

  • All payer messages, remittance reason codes, and remittance status codes post back to every claim in real time, coupled with advanced analytics dashboard and reporting to identify denial trends.
  • Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation (esMD) capabilities to help eliminate the need to mail or fax paper documents to respond to Additional Document Requests (ADRs)

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Inovalon offers revenue cycle management tools in addition to eClaims:

EASE Medicare
EASE Medicare helps providers automate Medicare billing management. With EASE Medicare you receiveadvanced alerts for receivables at risk, simplify eligibility lookups and automate the process of correctingcomplex and multi-step claims. It also reduces DDE training and entry with quick click-to-fi x for faster,automated claims correction. You will improve cash fl ow management with a better understanding of yourreceivables at risk.

Insurance Discovery
Inovalon’s Insurance Discovery helps maximize reimbursements from uncompensated services. WithInsurance Discovery, every applicable payer is identifi ed for a claim. Its robust algorithms search patient information against public and private payers to help determine primary, secondary, and tertiary coverage. Itallows more claims to go directly to payers instead of being identified as self-pay, charity, or bad debt.