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nVoq Incorporated is the industry leader in providing speech recognition solutions to the home health and hospice market.

Our focus is providing clinicians a better way to capture the patient’s story across any narrative notes. We offer a speech recognition solution that becomes a valuable tool in improving communication through documentation all without the burden of more typing and data entry. Clinicians can simply tell the patient story and it is captured. By enabling clinicians with a secure, HIPAA compliant, efficient, and easy way to document, we give them more time to care and simultaneously close gaps in documentation integrity that can positively impact revenue and patient care.

Customer outcomes prove the impact of nVoq’s speech recognition across post-acute organizations. Learn more about how speech recognition impacts by visiting www.nvoq.com.


nVoq understands the mounting pressure on agencies to overcome the challenges associated with quality documentation. nVoq’s speech recognition:

  • Increases the quality of the documentation and drives efficiency
  • Improves the work-life balance and removes the off hours documentation burden
  • Future proofs agencies against the pressures of managed care