Polaris Group

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Polaris is a leading healthcare staffing and consulting provider that offers qualified, experienced, and offsite MDS Coordinators to MatrixCare clients.

Ensure your facility is accurately reimbursement and say goodbye to new hire headaches with an offsite and outsourced MDSC!


Why choose an offsite MDS Coordinators solution?

Accurate Reimbursement and Confi dence in Your Compliance: Reimbursement and compliance start withyour MDS Coordinator. Our seasoned MDSCs are experts in Medicare, PDPM, and state requirements.They’ll ensure your MDS assessments are submitted on time and accurately refl ect the care you provide.

Improved Processes and Better Team Performance: Your MDS Coordinator is an extension of your team.Whether they’re joining a Medicare huddle or training your RAIs, they’ll improve your processes and internal team knowledge so your facility’s set up for long-term success.

Zero Recruitment, Training, or Management Headaches: Get an MDS Coordinator who delivers resultsfrom day one without adding HR hassles or management responsibilities to your facility’s plate.

How do you know if an offsite MDS Coordinator is right for your facility?

  • Your reimbursement rate is lower than expected.
  • You have a backlog of overdue MDS Assessments.
  • You’re struggling to fi nd and retain qualifi ed MDSCs.
  • You want to avoid interim staffi ng expenses.
  • You need help training your broader interdisciplinary team or clinical team.