Quality Surgical Management

  • SNF

Quality Surgical Management, founded and directed by Dr. Steven Magilen, MD, is one of the nation’s oldest and most trusted wound care providers. QSM’s proprietary EHR has been developed specifically with a wound care focus to serve your facilities and your residents better. QSM’s EHR offers MatrixCare integration that increases accuracy, improves speed to deliver your patient’s detailed wound documentation directly into your MatrixCare interface. This increases accuracy and frees up your staff from needing to reinput the data manually. The latest insights into your patient’s healing and care will be available seconds after our certified, expert wound care providers create the documentation.


Save Time: It is fast, simple, what you need, and when you need it without taking your staff’s time.

No Additional Training: No additional staff training is needed.

Free Staff Time & Reduce Errors: Patient face sheet data is automatically transferred into the QSM EHR, freeing up your staff from sending face sheets, preventing interruptions, and removing human error.

Automated Transfer of Wound Data: Wound documentation is automatically transferred into your MatrixCare system; no need to create additional logins or have your staff enter the documentation.