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SNF Metrics Consolidates Your Data Sources and Delivers Insights You Can Trust. Our Apps and live reports are offered with the most important actionable SNF analytics for Compliance, Clinical, Billing,Census, Managed Care Contract Management, Pharmacy Management, and Staffing in mind. Our technology looks across all of your systems to create links, insights, and opportunities you can confidently take action on.

**This integration is for SigmaCare.**


  • Risk Mitigation-Risk Suite provides a Risk Reporter and Grievance Log App and 25 live and interactive risk reports. Reduce your risk exposure, identify trends, capture all Federal, State, and Insurer-required data, reduce insurance premiums
  • Accounts Receivable—AR Max provides our AR Tracker App as well as (chandler, look the # up) 40 billing, reimbursement and AR live and interactive reports. Reduce bad debt expenses, gather trending insights,Full financial enterprise analytics-target poor-performing SNFs, learn from your top SNFs, and Integrate your financial systems with MatrixCare.
  • SNF Operations—SNF Compass-Suite of 100 live and interactive reports to drive Census, improve Staffing, and deliver the best Clinical care possible consistently with a keen eye on Reimbursement. ThisSuite is an SNF Operator’s go-to enterprise analytics platform. 4 distinct dashboards in Census, Staffing, Clinical, and Reimbursement deliver the right information at the right time to optimize your SNF operation.

You Don’t Have a Shortage of Data, You Have a Shortage of Insight
You have software systems to track and manage care, systems to track and pay employees, financial systems, and contract management systems. You have information that you track outside of systems, too.Data tracked in spreadsheets and probably some on paper. Lots and lots of systems.

But nothing helps you take that data and turn it into actionable intelligence. You need a solution that takesyour other systems and makes your organization smarter and more data-driven so you can make better decisions. SNF Metrics does that.

The solution that became SNF Metrics solved these challenges of long-term care operators, and the success the team saw across their many facilities was proof that SNF Metrics was needed in the industry.