Theoria Medical

  • SNF

Theoria Medical is a comprehensive physician group providing medical directorship, attending, and telemedicine services, via its own proprietary EMR system, ChartEasy, to skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. With strong focus on compliance and stellar patient care, these services facilitate significant reductions in readmissions, citations, and improved resident care. Theoria’s software platforms are integrated with MatrixCare, allowing clinicians to pull relevant patient data to provide care and schedule visits, thereby improving workflows and efficiency. Theoria’s physician EMR integration with MatrixCare allows for provider notes to be delivered instantaneously to nursing care teams and improves the workflow of the staff. Overall, the Theoria Medical /MatrixCare integrated solution improves resident care and outcomes.


  • Real time integration of resident demographics, ADT records, medications, vitals, diagnoses from MatrixCare to the fingertips of physicians and nurse practitioners in ChartEasy
  • Real time posting of completed physician progress notes from ChartEasy into MatrixCare
  • Frees up time otherwise spent on data entry and records duplication to focus on resident care and outcomes

The physician EHR and telemedicine systems seamlessly integrate together and with MatrixCare. The relevant data is sent to the resident’s chart, and provider notes are also sent to the resident’s chart upon signature. The integration with the physician chart allows for greater efficiency for medical staff in addition to allowing for an increased quality of care. The physician EHR provides AI/Machine learning algorithms that streamline previously manual or cumbersome workflows. This technology allows Theoria Medical to improve patient care and reduce readmissions throughout health organizations.