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Clinically connect your sales and marketing teams with patient data by integrating your MatrixCare EHR platform with Trella Health’s Marketscape CRM, purpose-built for post-acute organizations. Through the integration, your EHR referral data is combined with Trella’s market data for a holistic view of referral trends and resources. Your team is able to capture referral stages in real-time and receive complete visibility into team performance. Referrals can be attributed to reps, branches, and activities to evaluate the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts. Provide your team with more timely, meaningful insights with your source of truth for market data, referral data, and sales data.


  • Capture all referral stages, from pending, to admit, to discharge
  • View referral and admission totals by referral source
  • Capture the primary physician who signed over the referral
  • Tie referrals to referral sources, branches, and sales representatives for reporting
  • Reduce manual entry and potential errors through automation