Timing and Financials

1. Q: When is the acquisition of MatrixCare by ResMed expected to be completed?

A: ResMed has signed a definitive agreement to acquire MatrixCare. We expect to close the transaction as soon as we secure financing and complete customary closing conditions.

Job / Role Changes

2. Q: Will there be any changes to MatrixCare’s work processes?

A: MatrixCare is an independent company and there will be no immediate changes to work processes by either company. Our current priority is to maintain business continuity for our customers as well as drive growth for our respective businesses.

Location Changes

3. Q: Will MatrixCare maintain all of its operational locations?

A: There is no plan to change current MatrixCare sites or MatrixCare employee locations as a result of this acquisition.

Leadership Changes

4. Q: How will MatrixCare’s CEO, John Damgaard, be impacted by the acquisition?

A: There are no changes to John’s role; however, John will now report to Raj Sodhi, President of ResMed’s SaaS business. John will be working with the ResMed team to continue driving the business strategy, managing the day-to-day operations and leading the team.

5. Q: Will MatrixCare’s Senior Leadership Team still be a part of the company when the deal is closed?

A: Yes, the MatrixCare Executive Leadership team will remain with the company working with ResMed to continue driving business continuity for MatrixCare customers. The MatrixCare team members have significant experience in this space and ResMed values their experience.

Impact to Customers

6. Q: How will this acquisition impact current ResMed and MatrixCare customers?

A: There are no immediate changes to how we do business with our customers. Our customers will continue to be served by their existing MatrixCare, ResMed and Brightree sales representatives and continue to order products and solutions as they have in the past without interruption. We will notify you in advance if there are any changes.

Branding Changes

7. Q: Are there any change to the MatrixCare company name?

A: There will be no immediate changes to the MatrixCare company name.