Building a financially sustainable palliative care program: technology and beyond

Some might believe that palliative care is destined to lose money; however, with the right team, simplified processes, and focused technologies, you can build a financially sustainable program.

In this session, you’ll identify the types of palliative care programs available to your organization and choose what technology is needed to be successful in your preferred program. Although having the support team in place early in the process does require an upfront financial commitment, it can help maximize revenue in the long run.

Learn from our panel of experts who have developed successful palliative care programs caring for patients in the community and in hospitals.


  • Understand what types of palliative care programs are available, such as hospital-based, community-based (home), or clinic-based.
  • Learn how to build a financially sustainable palliative care program.
  • Identify what type of EHR is right for you based on the program you implement.
  • Help power your program by leveraging interoperability:
    • Discover how it can help view hospital-based notes in your EHR.
    • Enable smoother care coordination between various care settings and teams.
    • Experience the financial impact of interoperability done right.


  • Nick Knowlton VP, Strategic Initiatives, ResMed (MatrixCare)
  • Mark Hendrix CEO and Founder, nTakt, Inc.


  • Sarah Kivett Director of Community Partnerships, Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County
  • Tarrah Lowry President and CEO, Sangre de Cristo Community Care
  • Shahab Didehvar Director of IT, Homestead Hospice and Palliative Care


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