Choosing the right EHR partner led to measurable business growth

Leaders at a large home health and hospice organization in the southeast knew it was time to replace their old EHR when it could no longer keep up with their growth, and it caused complaints from staff because of tedious and repetitive documentation. Find out how they made the switch to MatrixCare.


  • Inadequate flow of information in previous EHR.
  • Staff worked at home after hours to complete documentation.
  • High staff turnover due to technology challenges.
  • Nearly $1 million in unbilled and aging A/R.


  • MatrixCare Home Health and Hospice EHR solution and professional services.


  • Clinicians are spending less time on documentation.
  • System reports provide management with better transparency into the business.
  • Significant improvements in A/R, staff turnover rates, and positive cash flow.



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