In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, our host Lois Bowers, Senior Editor at McKnight’s Senior Living, is joined by Janet Feldkamp, RN, BSN, LNHA, CHC, JD, Partner at the Benesch Healthcare + Practice Group, Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff, and Robert Moore, RN, DNS-CT, RAC-CT, Director of Strategy and Portfolio Management at MatrixCare, to discuss preparing your staff for your next on-site survey.

Janet and Robert discuss how on-site surveys are high stakes and can affect every aspect of your business. They also cover the most common citations and information you can use to mitigate risk and better prepare for your next survey including the key areas surveyors focus on in assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing. Listen to their discussion below.  

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [00:35 – 02:45]: Lois introduces Janet and Robert, and they share their backgrounds.
  2. [03:21 – 4:29]: Janet discusses her work in post-acute care and introduces some tools used for surveys.
  3. [05:09 – 06:55]: Janet details each tool and mentions the key focus areas for surveyors.
  4. [7:34 – 8:12]: Janet and Rob describe the top ten skilled citations that surveyors look for during inspections.
  5. [8:45 – 9:47]: Janet shares statistics about nursing homes and civil money penalties.
  6. [10:12 – 12:41]: Robert explains the importance of providing high quality care and how to prevent infection.
  7. [13:31 – 15:53]: The pair describe why it is important to have infection protection plans ready for action.
  8. [16:54 – 18:39]: Janet emphasizes the need to prevent accidents and hazards in facility-based care and how to do so.
  9. [19:15 – 22:32]: Robert details things that surveyors look for before stepping foot into the building and other small factors to pay attention to that make a huge difference.
  10. [23:02 – 24:26]: The pair share examples of challenges faced when assessing injuries and the value of having the proper documentation on hand.



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