When you invest not only in tools, but also the people who use them, it can transform your business. Training Assurance Plus (TAP) lets you customize training to meet your organization’s unique needs. Purchase hours in bundles to help streamline operations, prepare for new releases or regulatory changes, train new staff or leaders, or develop expertise in key roles. And you choose on-site or virtual sessions, whichever suits your staff.

Our case study illustrates the power of in-depth training. When Brenda Guevara took on the role of executive director at Ashford Hall Nursing and Rehabilitation, there was no one on staff to show her the ropes of their MatrixCare EHR. Fortunately, she learned about TAP. Working with product experts, she designed training sessions that have helped her staff take better advantage of software updates, and helped them:

  • Make sure their MatrixCare EHR was configured correctly
  • Track tasks and projects to completion
  • Use dashboards to improve training and boost efficiency

Our case study explains the many benefits in-depth training has brought to Ashford Hall, helping keep employees engaged with their work, and boosting the company’s bottom line.