In this episode of the Post-Acute POV podcast, our host, Melissa Polly, senior director of marketing, MatrixCare, is joined by Chris Pugliese, director of product interoperability, ResMed SaaS, Sarah Kivett, director of strategic partnerships, Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County, and Jesse Marinelli, chief transformation officer, PruittHealth.

Join the group as they discuss strategies and tips for improving care coordination between hospice and skilled nursing facilities (SNF). Chris begins by outlining the general challenges that post-acute providers face, Jesse and Sarah then describe their experiences with managing hospice and SNF relationships and how they’ve overcome obstacles in care coordination. Listen to their conversation.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [00:34 – 01:13]: Introduction to the podcast topic, guest, and healthcare technology in hospice and skilled nursing.
  2. [01:50 – 03:40]: Chris describes the challenges of communicating between different care settings.
  3. [04:36 – 06:02]: Chris talks about the current technology gaps in the healthcare industry.
  4. [06:50 – 08:35]: Chris explains simple ways to utilize technology to minimize human error and increase productivity.
  5. [09:18 – 12:02]: The group discusses determining your interoperability strategy, deciding goals for the future, and using technology to improve workflow.
  6. [12:59 – 14:13]: Chris details the first certified health information networks.
  7. [14:22 – 15:43]: Sarah and Jesse describe their background.
  8. [16:15 – 19:31]: Sarah and Jesse discuss the delivery network in their different organizations and the main factors involved.
  9. [20:18 – 23:29]: Sarah and Jesse examine areas where they have experienced challenges in coordinating communication between hospice agencies, skilled nursing facility partners, and organization members.
  10. [24:02 – 28:27]: How Sarah and Jesse identified the problem and overcame these challenges.
  11. [29:14 – 32:37]: Chris details the value of direct communication between providers and Sarah discusses the strategies she used to support partners.
  12. [33:00 – 35:08]: Jesse identifies the tactics he used for business growth and improving communication and Chris concludes the episode with his key takeaways.



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