In this episode of the Post-Acute POV podcast, our host, Tim Smokoff, general manager for home health and hospice, is joined by Paul Hess, senior director of research at KLAS Enterprises to share his personal experience and tips for enhancing your organization’s “Best in KLAS” rating.

Join the duo as they discuss how KLAS Research can help your healthcare organization develop insights you can trust to enhance and improve patient care and outcomes. Listen to their conversation.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [00:35 – 01:50]: Tim introduces our guest, Paul Hess. Paul details his background at KLAS Research.
  2. [01:54 – 03:39]:  Paul explains what his role entails as a research director for KLAS and what KLAS does to help healthcare providers.
  3. [03:48 – 06:30]:  Paul introduces the “Best in KLAS” award program and the six pillars that KLAS uses to score providers.
  4. [06:43 – 08:50]: The pair discusses how the “Best in KLAS” awards work and what is necessary for a provider to score highly.
  5. [09:08 – 11:33]: Paul provides examples of how KLAS has helped healthcare organizations improve their EHR experience.
  6. [11:45 – 13:47]: Paul describes why interoperability and having a seamless system for sharing patient information between systems is crucial for patient care.
  7. [13:48 – 15:18]: Paul details how KLAS is expanding in the post-acute care industry.
  8. [16:06 – 18:33]: Paul goes into more detail on the future of KLAS and the importance of provider relationships.
  9. [18:35 – 21:59]: Paul shares three things organizations should focus on to improve the delivery of a better customer experience.
  10. [22:34– 24:33]: Paul and Tim conclude the episode with their final thoughts.



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