In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, originally featured in the McKnight’s Long-Term Care Expo, Jenny Lee, Regulatory Compliance Manager, and Cassie Diner, BSN, RN, CPHIMS, CSPO, SA, Clinical Product Manager, have a conversation on the major changes coming to MDS and how skilled nursing facilities can prepare.

Join Jenny and Cassie as they discuss how the new MDS items may affect your assessment process moving forward, what you should do to help your staff prepare for these changes, and what to look for to ensure your technology vendor is working to ease this transition. Listen to their discussion below.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [01:47 – 07:09]: Cassie greets the audience, introduces the topic, and provides background on her expertise in managing regulatory changes. She then offers seven recommendations for providers as they prepare for the MDS changes going into effect, on October 1, 2023.
  2. [07:09 – 12:13]: Next, Cassie elaborates on the main changes: Section G or functional status being removed from standard OBRA forms, the potential for new OSA or state forms, 29 new or modified MDS questions bringing more commonality between post-acute care and the OASIS form used in home health, and more.
  3. [12:13 – 18:06]: Cassie describes both a complicated and simple reimbursement change that was made at the state level. Wisconsin’s elaborate PDPM transition and Illinois’ much simpler transition to PDPM. She goes on to discuss the state-level uncertainty and nuance with the OSAs.
  4. [18:06 – 22:58]: Cassie and Jenny share what the audience can do now to prepare. Review your assessments or observations completed by nursing and other parts of the interdisciplinary team within your EHR system to see where changes need to be made and eliminate questions or change questions prior to the October 1st deadline to capture necessary data.
  5. [22:58 – 28:29]: Next, Cassie describes how organizations should work with their technology vendor as we approach these major changes. Attend your vendor’s advisory council meetings and share your status or any new information to stay on the same page with your vendor. Also, consider participating in complimentary training provided by CMS.
  6. [28:29 – 33:47]: Cassie describes the three roles that facilities should focus on as CMS begins to release the requisite documentation: caregiver or nursing staff, dedicated educators, and MDS coordinators. She then shares some key insights and feedback she has gathered within the industry.
  7. [33:47 – 38:15]: Cassie closes the discussion by sharing how the coming months will be huge for continued success leading to October as the CMS is expected to release final MDS questions and item sets. It will remain a top priority to stay in the loop with your technology vendor.



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