In this episode of the Post-Acute POV podcast, our host, Diana Eastabrook, staff writer for McKnight’s Home Care, is joined by Rob Stoltz, senior director business development director, and Kathy Piette, co-founder and CEO of Corstrata, to discuss new trends and innovations in at-home healthcare models.

Join the duo as they outline the different types of emerging at-home care models, explore evidence showing positive outcomes in at-home care programs, and discuss key challenges providers face while getting started with these models. Rob and Kathy offer expert knowledge for post-acute providers looking to participate, or even build partnerships, in this growing area of healthcare. Listen to their conversation.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [00:34 – 01:30]: Introduction to the episode’s topic, presenters, and background information on both guests.
  2. [02:11 – 04:19]:  Rob outlines the objectives for the episode and discusses why the industry is moving towards at-home care models.
  3. [04:48 – 06:02]:  Rob examines the rise in different types of at-home care models since the pandemic.
  4. [06:18 – 08:15]: Kathy defines and compares the different forms of at-home care models.
  5. [08:42 – 11:38]: Kathy explains CMS’s Hospitals Without Walls program, which allowed for hospital-level care at home during the pandemic.
  6. [12:09 – 16:52]: Kathy identifies the key components needed to enable at-home care models and gives examples of how to manage specific patient needs.
  7. [17:32 – 18:43]: Kathy discusses the importance of getting the necessary medical equipment/ medication and having properly trained staff providing care in at-home care models.
  8. [19:19 – 24:08]: Rob talks about staffing and recruitment problems, technology infrastructure challenges, issues with family/caregiver engagement at home, and other key challenges in at-home models of care.
  9. [24:33 – 27:56]: Kathy describes possible roles post-acute providers can play in hospital-at-home, primary care-at-home, and SNF-at-home models.
  10. [28:31– 32:43]: Kathy details evidence that shows at-home models achieving positive outcomes and the steps post-acute providers can take to participate in these models.
  11. [34:03 – 35:47]: Rob introduces key steps and areas of focus for preparing technology and exploring possible partnerships for at-home models of care.
  12. [36:13 – 38:20]: Rob goes into more detail about how to get started with different organizations and partnerships.
  13. [38:45 – 39:49]: The duo wraps up the discussion with major goals discussed and the importance of staying on top of the latest industry developments.