When evaluating a new agency management system (AMS) for your private duty organization, one thing’s for sure: technology plays an important role. To maximize the value of your AMS, you first need to understand the potential impact technology can have. This eBook provides steps to assess how well you’re using your current AMS and
identify opportunities to address. From there, you can learn how to develop a plan and how to optimize your organization by maximizing your AMS’s capabilities.

Ready to go from good to great?

Purchasing and implementing an AMS is likely your agency’s most significant investment and will likely affect almost everyone in the organization. And because it impacts a large part of your organization, the benefits of optimizing your AMS can’t be overstated.

Huge investment in time and money.

And it’s ongoing. Depending on whether your organization has selected an award-winning AMS like MatrixCare Home Care, or a one size fits all solution, staff time may be required to manage support issues, security rights, setup, and staff education on the software functionality. And there are annual or monthly fees to pay and potentially added costs for new functionality. When you’ve made such a significant investment into multiple resources, you want to make sure you’re getting the full return on your investment.