The Good Shepherd Nursing Home District (GSNHD) is a community-owned, community operated and community-driven organization with two locations offering residential care, sub-acute care, and skilled nursing. GSNHD was formed in March of 1968 and provides many activities both on-site and in the community. A homelike environment is achieved by employing a warm, caring staff that is involved in the daily care and lives of the residents.

With the arrival of PDPM, senior care facilities are more focused on care documentation than ever before; especially since reimbursement rates are now tied more closely to outcomes. The leaders at the GSNHD district realized they needed to harness their data more effectively to continue to operate successfully when PDPM took effect. That’s why they decided to start using MyAnalytics in the year preceding that shift.

Laurie Care Center and Good Shepherd Nursing Home are two facilities about 20 miles apart in south-central Missouri, explained Michael Smith, a consultant, and analyst for the district. “They care for two different sets of patients but the goal for both is to offer the same high-quality care. With different staff and different circumstances, it can be hard to keep quality up. You have to use tools like MyAnalytics to help with that.”