Hireology: Navigating the caregiver shortage through technology.

Home care and private duty agencies across the nation share one common problem: caregiver shortage. High turnover is an ongoing issue, but the solution isn’t just finding caregivers to hire, it’s also finding quality applicants who are committed and reliable. Hireology has the recruitment tools to navigate these challenges and to lead agencies toward caregiver success.

MatrixCare has partnered with Hireology to provide a new, integrated hiring and client management platform for private duty and home care agencies. Through this integration, your new hire data can seamlessly transfer from Hireology into MatrixCare, providing streamlined operations for newly hired caregivers.

By driving quality candidates to open roles with a strong employment brand, career site, and sourcing strategy, Hireology helps private duty and home care agencies build their best teams. This eBook explores how Hireology is uniquely positioned to help solve critical hiring challenges and how the platform works as a MatrixCare integration.

Hireology: A new era of recruiting

Hireology’s unique process was created by taking a new look at the old way of recruiting. In the early 2000s, the first online job boards used a linear model that became the norm for well over a decade— there was an open position, a budget, a job board, and then there were applicants. The problem is that budgets continue to grow, but there’s no hiring strategy other than to spend more on job boards.

Hireology takes a multi-channel approach. While keeping this linear model of open positions, they also have a process for finding the best of the best, knowing how to access them, and finding where they are in the process—all to make the hiring experience as quick and efficient as possible.

Read the full eBook to learn more.

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