Improving employee engagement with Beth Baerman, director of communications, Attendance on Demand

In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, our host Kelly Keefe, VP of community solution strategy at MatrixCare, is joined by Beth Baerman, director of communications, Attendance on Demand, to have a conversation on improving employee engagement across post-acute care.

Join Kelly and Beth as they discuss the definition of employee engagement, the importance of perceived organizational support, and how technology can help alleviate problems in workforce management. This episode will explain two-way communication between your organization and employees and help you facilitate co-employee support. Listen to their discussion below.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [01:15 – 02:11]: Beth describes her origin story and how she found her focus on improving employee engagement.
  2. [02:37 – 03:41]: Defining employee engagement as an employee’s emotional investment in their job and in their organization.
  3. [3:49 – 6:03]: How employee engagement impacts a post-acute care organization’s bottom line.
  4. [6:10 – 10:14]: Because many jobs in post-acute care are similar, an employee’s engagement with their organization is especially important.
  5. [10:24 – 14:13]: Beth explains how to improve perceived organizational support.
  6. [14:20 – 19:39]: How technology can be used in workforce management and affect employees’ overall satisfaction with their job.
  7. [19:51 – 24:19]: The importance of two-way communication between your organization and employees.
  8. [24:25 – 29:27]: Co-employee support and how an organizational emphasis on this topic can keep employees happy.
  9. [29:27 – 30:35]: Key takeaways from this conversation on keeping employees engaged.



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